Terms and Conditions

Afrikan Gallery believes in the supporting and empowering photographers across Africa.

Our social media platforms are a place where exceptional photographers can submit their work for a chance to be featured. We do not share or condone images which are sexist, racist or in any way bigoted or inappropriate. Please also note that we cannot accept images that were not taken by the submitter or are used for commercial purposes.

Afrikan Gallery reserves the right to distribute all photographs submitted to us via Facebook, Instagram or Email on our platforms and those of Right for Education.

The copyright of the photographs submitted to Afrikan Gallery must belong to the photographer. The copyright remains with the photographer. Afrikan Gallery will require its contributors to confirm their copyright, but shall not be responsible for any failure on their behalf.

Afrikan Gallery is not responsible for misuse of Images by end-users and, in addition, Afrikan Gallery shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive or special damages.