About Us

About Us

Afrikan Gallery works as a destination for photographers across Africa looking for exposure or inspiration. Our platforms are a space for African photographers to share the story of their communities. In today’s world, where everyone can be a photographer, we democratise the African voice and provide tools for photographers to grow. Through Afrikan Gallery, people all over Africa now have the chance to submit their photos be featured every day with millions across Africa.

In partnership with Right for Education, our online community has grown to over 1.2 million photographers and photography fans in its first year. We appreciate our collaboration with so many talented photographers, photojournalists and story tellers. Since our inception in 2017, Afrikan Gallery has launched competitions, newsletters and will expand into an online commercial platform soon. You can learn more about our commitment to our photographers under the ‘Our Commitment’ tab above. 

Our website showcases the best of Afrikan Gallery. Take a look at the incredible work we have found, or search by theme!

Our Committment

At Afrikan Gallery, we are proud of being innovative. We are the first social-media sourced photography agency in Africa, allowing photographers from every community to submit their work online for a chance at a more prosperous life. As such, we will ensure that our platforms always represent the cutting edge in tech and media to enlarge our audience and help our photographers grow.

We are committed to offering our photographers honest representation. This means we will always reward our photographers with fair payment for their work, and will maintain a relationship of mutual trust and respect with. 

Afrikan Gallery is committed to honouring its roots as a social media community. We work to remain true to our Pan-African community and keep our content accurate, authentic, and up-lifting. We want our success to be reflected in the success of our photographers and the communities they come from.

What Our Audience Says

“Awesome page. Really tells a true story about Africa” 

Sean David BW

“Nicely done. I like what I see here. It’s Africa to the world!” 

Victor Eshameh

“Fier de cette représentation de monde noir enfin on voit qu’il y a quelques chose de positif chez nous.” 

Diego Flash Brown

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