Time Travel in Mauritania

“I decided to go to Tanchort in a journey through time to the old past where there is no way and no specific worlds – no drinking water, no electricity, no internet – deep in the Western Sahara to try to capture the true moments of happiness, colour, taste and reality. Of the cities and disappeared from the list of human feelings, was the first picture.
Between the past and the present, where there is no definition of time and no feelings. The Tanshort Oasis is located between the golden sands in the centre of the state of Adrar, Mauritania at the centre of the Sahara, which reaches a temperature in the middle of the day to above 40 degrees Celsius.
Where the hospitality and warm hospitality of the original Arab is dates and camel milk and the meeting with (Atai) traditional Mauritanian coffee.
Where children and men sponsor camels, which are the basis of their economy of transportation and food, where they go every day in a search trip of 20 to 15 km to search for wells for water and places with plant.

In this pictures landscape, where villages with a population of tens of people live on the edge of the deserts, I have tried to reveal a society that remains a link between the ancient past and the present, with their habits and traditions, with the certainty that this type of custom And villages must come the day that will inevitably disappear one day.” Elwely Vall

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  • December 10, 2018