Homowo Festival in Ghana

“Nii Adjabeng Ankrah II the Traditional ruler of Ga Dade Ban-Naa ( Otublohum-Ga traditional area) sprinkles Kpokpoi on the streets of Accra during the Homowo Festival.
Homowo is derived from two Ga words ‘homo” meaning hunger and ‘wo’ meaning to hoot at. Homowo therefore means hooting at hunger. According to legend, during the process of migration, the Ga people experienced famine and severe hunger. However, they mustered up courage to till the land, planted corn and called upon Ataa-Naa Nyonmo, the Dzema Wodzi, Wodzi, and Sisadzi, the ancestral spirits through libation to bless the farms to yield in abundance. In response to their prayers, rain followed, the crops grew and yielded in abundance.
Every year during August, the Homowo is celebrated to commemorate that day when hunger was defeated.”┬áBenson Ibeabuchi

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  • December 7, 2018