Entrepreneurship in Nigeria

“Little Big Shots is a photo documentary of children entrepreneurs. In relation to the American TV series anchored by Steve Harvey, I decided to document the children in my area. Some of them are child hawkers, some are cobblers and some, street footballers. This is a photo of a child cobbler in my school. He, alongside his father, mends shoes in the campus.
He’s really exceptional at what he does. He loves to charge high prices, but he’s a sweet kid. I shot this one while he was arguing with his friend that came to visit him at his shop.I can’t recall what they were arguing about but they were really animated.
Little big shots is all about children that we fail to see. Their stories, their beautiful conversations, their potentials, their abilities and entrepreneurial skills. There are some I know that deserve an episode on Steve Harvey’s show.” Nnebuifé Kwubéi

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  • December 10, 2018